About Tempting Diet Kitchen

What is Tempting Diet Kitchen?

This blog contains diet recipes. But not the awful foods most diets make you eat, this is really good food, restaurant quality. All recipes are low-fat, low-sugar, high in carbs and protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, and most importantly full of flavour. The recipes come with calorie count, Slimming World Syns, Weight Watchers Smart Points and nutritional information. If you need specific skills to make a recipe you can find them in ‘how-to’ articles.

Occasionally I write about books or products that I use. I only endorse products that I really use and that make my life easier in the kitchen.

Who am I?

Rob VK cooking
Rob VK cooking

My name is Rob and I love good food. Unfortunately that doesn’t do my waistline any favours, so I have joined Slimming World to lose some weight. I absolutely hate the typical fad diet recipes, don’t like smoothies, and I don’t believe in so-called “super foods”. And most of all I hate feeling hungry. But I do like the challenge of taking really good food, restaurant quality food, and turning it into a recipe that’s diet friendly and still tastes and looks great.

And it works! I have used these exact recipes for a few months now and have lost over 40 pounds! And I’m still going. I’ve nearly reached my target weight, and I’m contemplating lowering my target when I get there.

Want to improve your cooking skills?

Rob VK with celebrity master chef Brian Mellor
Rob VK with celebrity master chef Brian Mellor

Whatever I put my hand to, I’m always keen to learn and perfect my skills. I recently did a course with celebrity master chef Brian Mellor at Harthill Cookery SchoolLink opens in a new window. It was a fantastic day and I learnt a lot of techniques. I’m also a keen reader of cookery books that teach the craft of cooking. Not just recipe books, but ones that tell you why you do something.

As I continue to learn, I post instructions on how to do certain things to help you improve your skills as well. Cooking becomes much easier, quicker and more fun if you know a few basic techniques. And not to mention safer when you learn knife skills!